About Us

Matt and Ela Winters
California Campers Class B RV Rentals
We love sharing the outdoor experience with others
We are Matt and Ela Winters, husband and wife. We have always loved to travel. There are so many amazing places to see, interesting people to meet, great foods to eat, and we believe that travel creates the opportunity to have experiences that develop the mind and spirit in otherwise unimaginable ways.

Ela & I spent our first summer together in 2006 camping and exploring Florida's State & National parks. After that amazing experience, we knew we loved each other and we loved to camp & travel! We got married, lived together in Ohio (where I am from), Poland (where Ela is from), Texas, South Korea and now California.

When we arrived in California's Silicon Valley we bought a camper to use for weekend escapes to experience the West Coast's Great Outdoors. The experiences we've had camping at National Forests, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, discovering natural hot springs, catching trout and sleeping under the stars have been truly remarkable. We can think of nothing better than sharing those kinds of incredible experiences with others.

In early 2020, we bought our first Class B RV, a 4-season, off-the-grid capable 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Revel by Winnebago, an amazing luxury Adventure Van. We outfitted the RV like a 5-start hotel with luxury bedding, everything needed to cook in the RV and began to rent it out. Since then, we've grown the fleet to 5 luxury Class B RV Adventure Vans, and have rented to many happy campers. We cannot wait to share the adventure with you!