Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the pickup & return location?

Can I see the RV before I rent? 

Can I stop by your office to see the RVs? 

Can I park a car during my trip?

Can you deliver an RV to me and/or pickup an RV after my trip? 

What happens if an RV gets damaged during the trip?

How many people can stay in your RVs?

What precautions do you take for Coronavirus?

What is the cancellation policy?

What types of RVs do you rent and what do the names mean?

Can I install forward facing child seats?

Who can rent the RVs?

Can we add additional drivers?

What are insurance options?

Basic Coverage

Essential Coverage

Peace of Mind

What kind of license do I need to drive an RV?

What is the minimum rental period?

Can I book a one way trip?

What time can I pick up and return the RV?

Are sheets included?

Do I need to bring my own pots, pans and dishware?

Can I rent an RV from out of state or as an international?

Can I extend or shorten my RV reservation ?

What happens if I arrive late for pickup or return late?

What do we do if we get into an accident?

What happens if something gets broken or damaged?

What happens if I get a ticket?

Can we bring our pets?

How do I pay for the rentals?

What kind of gas mileage will we get?

What do I need to do prior to returning the RV?

Can I tow my car or boat behind the RV?

How difficult is it to operate these RVs?

Can I smoke in the RV?

How many miles are included with the reservation?

How much is the cleaning & preparation charge?

Can I use the RV to camp in the winter and drive in snow?