Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the pickup & return location?

  • The pickup/return location is StorQuest, 1711 E. Bayshore Rd, Redwood City, CA 94063. Enter by the sign “RV & Boat Storage” and proceed to the back gate. Someone from our team will meet you there by the gate for the handoff.

Can I see the RV before I rent? 

  • We do not offer showings before handoff because our rental schedule is unpredictable but we can provide information such as pictures, video, dimensions or answer questions that you may have prior to your rental. In addition, each RV page has pictures and handoff videos to reference – just let us know what you’re interested in learning about and we’ll do our best to help.

Can I stop by your office to see the RVs? 

  • Our RVs are either rented or stored at an offsite storage facility when not rented, so we do not have a location to visit to see the RVs. We do have photos, videos and info available on this site’s Our Fleet pages for each RV. We can also follow up on any specific questions, and we are happy to send photos, video or dimensions.

Can I park a car during my trip?

  • Yes, we offer secure gated parking for $15/day at our facility during your trip. Just select this as an add-on during checkout or contact us to let us know you’ll be leaving a vehicle.

Can you deliver an RV to me and/or pickup an RV after my trip? 

  • We do not currently offer deliveries or pickups. The pickup and drop-off location for our RVs is 1711 E. Bayshore, Redwood City, CA 94063. 

What happens if an RV gets damaged during the trip?

  • First of all, relax:) if an RV gets damaged, please report it, we understand that things happen so no worries, things happen to all of us! We take photos before and after rentals to check condition. In the case of damage, our team will get a quote for the repair then charge the security deposit and/or insurance if needed. To avoid common damages like scratches, please be careful not to drive through heavy brush or tree branches that will scratch the gel coat and paint. If you’re driving in tight areas next to trees, shrubs or plants and can hear a scraping sound chances are the gel coat is being scratched – so it’s good to inspect your path and use a spotter outside the vehicle to make sure nothing comes in contact with the RV.

How many people can stay in your RVs?

  • Our RV’s sleep 2, 3 or 4 people. The Winnebago Solis (Mars) sleeps 4 and seats 4, the Winnebago 4×4 Revels Juno & Hector sleep 2 and seat 4. 

What precautions do you take for Coronavirus?

  • We professionally clean & sanitize every RV before departure following the CDC hospitality cleaning guidelines . Many of our guests choose RV travel because they don’t want to fly or stay in hotels close to lots of other people, so we take great care to make sure our RVs are clean, sanitized and a safe alternative to traditional travel during these times.

What is the cancellation policy?

  • We offer a Flexible cancellation policy. Cancellations are free up to 5 days before departure and 75% refund within 5 days of departure. If you’d like to move your trip dates, we can accommodate up to 5 days before departure for free based on availability. 

What types of RVs do you rent and what do the names mean?

  • We currently rent two different RV types: the 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter based Winnebago Revel and the Ram Promaster based Winnebago Solis 59PX. 
  • We’ve named the RVs so that we can easily keep track of them. The names are based on Greek mythological characters. Why did we pick Greek Myths? Because Greek Myths are awesome and so are these RVs:)

Can I install forward facing child seats?

  • This varies based based on which RV you select. In “Mars”(2022 Solis 59PX), you can install 2 child seats in the second row where there are two three-point seat belts.
  • In the “Hector” & “Juno” (2021 Revel) you can install 1 child seat on the second row because it has one three-point seat belt & one lap belt. 

Who can rent the RVs?

  • Anyone over the age of 25 who has had a valid driver license for at least 2 years and who has previous experience with RVs and can pass a checkout interview as part of the handoff can rent our RVs. We expect all renters to review our handoff videos, available on the RV Fleet pages for each RV, prior to departure. 

Can we add additional drivers?

  • Yes – and it is generally a good idea list all drivers 25+ who are traveling with you to ensure coverage in case they end of driving during the trip.

What are insurance options?

Basic Coverage

  • Liability Coverage: State Minimum
  • Comprehensive & Collision Protection: Up to $1M
  • Support: 24/7 Customer Support
  • $2,500 deductible

Essential Coverage

  • Liability Coverage: State Minimum
  • Comprehensive & Collision Protection: Up to $1M
  • Support: 24/7 Customer Support
  • $2,000 deductible
  • Roadside assistance

Peace of Mind

  • Liability Coverage: $1M Liability Coverage
  • Comprehensive & Collision Protection: Up to $1M
  • Protection: Windshield Coverage
  • Protection: Accident Interruption
  • Support: 24/7 Customer Support
  • Support: Concierge Services

What kind of license do I need to drive an RV?

  • There is no special license needed as long as you are 25+ years old.

What is the minimum rental period?

  • Our minimum rental period is 3 nights, and may be longer during holidays like Christmas & Thanksgiving. 

Can I book a one way trip?

  • We don’t currently offer one way trips.

What time can I pick up and return the RV?

  • You can select the pick up and return times that work best for you when making the reservation. Our pickup & return hours are 9AM-2PM Pacific Time and based on availability.

Are sheets included?

  • We provide a full luxury bedding kit free of charge including hotel quality sheets & down bedding. If you’d prefer to bring your own bedding no worries, just email us and let us know.

Do I need to bring my own pots, pans and dishware?

  • We supply everything you need to cook in the RV including a pot, skillet, kitchen utensils and disposable plates, cups & silverware. See our RV Rentals pages for info on what’s included in each RV.

Can I rent an RV from out of state or as an international?

  • Yes we do rent to out of state and international customers and of course locals as well! 

Can I extend or shorten my RV reservation ?

  • Yes you can, please contact us to discuss the specifics. We will do our best to accommodate.

What happens if I arrive late for pickup or return late?

  • Our standard pickup time is 9AM, please contact us if you’d prefer a later pickup time and we may be able to accommodate. If you are late for pickup, we charge $120/hour prorated accordingly. If running late, please let us know as soon as possible. Standard return time is 2PM and is typically not negotiable because we need time to prepare for the next booking. Please let us know if you are running late so we can ensure we’ll be there when you return. If you want to extend the return time by a couple of hours, we charge a 1/2 night RV rental fee (up to 8 hours). If you want to extend the reservation by a full 24 hour period it’s the standard nightly rate and depends on availability. The additional cost will be deducted from the security deposit or billed to the credit card used for the reservation.

What do we do if we get into an accident?

  • First of all, relax, it happens! Once you’ve taken care of yourself and your passengers and everyone is alright, please get in touch with us to keep us in the loop. It is a good idea to take lots of detailed photos any vehicles/property that are involved and make sure to take photos of any impacted party’s insurance information and their driver license(s). 

What happens if something gets broken or damaged?

  • We understand that those things happen, so don’t stress. If something gets broken or damaged, please let us know when you can so that we can order the replacement parts and/or schedule maintenance. Any costs are covered from the security deposit.

What happens if I get a ticket?

  • Each renter is responsible for tickets and associated fees if any.

Can we bring our pets?

  • Yes, we allow one pet (60lb weight) with a $150 pet cleaning fee.

How do I pay for the rentals?

  • We accept all major credit cards. 

What kind of gas mileage will we get?

  • Our diesel powered Revels typically get 18-22mpg & our gas powered Solis is around 16mpg.

What do I need to do prior to returning the RV?

  • Please fill up the fuel tank to the same level at which you received it. Also, please refill the liquid propane (Mars only, the Revels do not need propane). Please dump the gray and black water tanks. If tanks are not dumped on return we charge $100 per tank to empty ($100 black tank, $100 grey tank). If you cannot refuel the RV we can do it for you for $20 fee plus the cost of the fuel. On the Icarus & Apollo, you can pre-purchase a propane refill for $100.

Can I tow my car or boat behind the RV?

  • Yes, our Revels can tow up to 5,000 lbs. and our Solis can tow up to 3,500 lbs. Both have a 2″ hitch receiver. You must bring your own hitch ball or hitch adaptor to accommodate your towable.

How difficult is it to operate these RVs?

  • We purposely offer only Class B RVs, so that they are easy to drive & operate. We also spend At 30-60 minutes at departure to do a full walk-through, answer questions & ensure you are ready for your trip.  If you have any questions during your trip, feel free to contact us and we will help. Please watch the handoff videos on each RV page before departure. We reserve the right to deny reservations if we feel the RV experience level is not adequate.

Can I smoke in the RV?

  • We do not allow smoking in the RVs to ensure cleanliness for all guests. We really appreciate your strictest adherence to this

How many miles are included with the reservation?

  • We include 100 miles per booked night with your trip, and the miles do roll over. Additional miles are $0.55/mi.

How much is the cleaning & preparation charge?

  • We hire professional cleaners to clean and prep for every RV Rental departure, ensuring a clean & professional result consistently. For this service we charge a one time fee of $175.

Can I use the RV to camp in the winter and drive in snow?

  • Yes you can. All of our units are considered 4-season RVs so you can camp and time of the year. In addition, they can be driven in snowy conditions but we do not supply chains so please check if required before your trip. Please also ensure you keep the heat & tank heaters on at all times if camping below 40 deg. Let us if you plan to camp in below freezing weather & we’ll go over the specifics with you at handoff.