The Volkswagen Camper sleeps and travels 4 people in the ultimate German design and comfort. (Some of our campers can have an additional seat installed for a fifth person upon request.) It has 2 full-sized double beds (each 6 feet long and 4 feet wide), a kitchenette with a 2-burner gas stove, sink
with water pump and 10.5 gallon water tank, and a 3-way refrigerator (gas, 12V, 120V). The Volkswagen campers come with a pop-up roof with a skylight,
an easy-sliding side door, large windows for great sightseeing, and plenty of cabinet space.

Also included are rotating front seats, a dining table, electric and water hook-ups, propane tank, privacy curtains, and a fire extinguisher.

Gas mileage ranges from 18-21 miles per gallon, a great savings for long distance trips over other vans or RVs. In addition, all vehicles have an AM/FM stereo with a CD player.


  1. Sink cabinet including gas stove, sink, refrigerator (gas or electric), and a storage cabinet.
  2. Storage chest with water tank and storage space.
  3. Clothes closet with rod and vanity mirror.
  4. Linen closet.
  5. Ceiling cabinet or air conditioner.
  6. Rear deck mattress (combines with 7 to make the double bed). A second bed forms on top of the camper when the pop-top is elevated.
  7. Rear bench seat with storage locker.
  8. Dinette table rear.
  9. Dinette table front.

The galley & dining table by day folds away to a comfortable double bed in the evening.

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