Why Rent a Class B RV?

What are Class B RVs?

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Class B RV Interior

Class B RVs, also known as Adventure Vans or Camper Vans, are fully-featured motor homes built within the physical dimensions of a full-size van, such as a Mercedes Sprinter or Ram Promaster, otherwise known as the chassis. Building within a full-size van chassis is optimal because it results in an RV that has car-like driving characteristics inherent to the chassis, can be parked in standard parking spaces, and includes amenities found in larger RVs such as kitchen, bathroom, bed(s), and shower.

The Class B RV incorporates advanced design and custom integration that results in higher-quality, more-efficient, and better-designed amenities and features than those found in larger RVs. Paired with a premium chassis such as a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or Ram Promaster, Class B RVs provide the most luxurious, versatile, and user-friendly RV rental experience.

Class B RVs vs. Class C RVs

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Class B RV
Class C RV

Class C RVs share a similar chassis to Class B RVs, like the Mercedes Sprinter or Ford Transit. The most significant distintion is that Class C RVs do not fit within the physical constraints of their chassis like Class B RVs do. Instead, Class C RVs expand well beyond the length, width, and height of their host chassis so that the interior space can be outfitted with larger (and cheaper) amenities that require less customization than Class B RVs. This reduced customization makes Class C RVs less expensive to produce than Class B RVs, and that cost savings is evidenced by lower-quality Class C RV features and amenities.

In addition, the increased length, width, height, and weight of Class C RVs adversely affects their driving characteristics, resulting in sloppier steering and handling, less stability in the wind, slower acceleration, poorer fuel economy, a strained suspension, and the requirement for a considerably larger and less-common parking space that’s likely to be located considerably farther from your intended destination. By comparison, Class B RVs handle exceptionally well, get excellent fuel economy, and can fit virtually anywhere you can park a standard car, making Class B RV rentals a clearly superior choice over Class C RVs for all of your road trips, camping, glamping, weekend getaways, and other vacations.

Class B RVs vs. Class A RVs

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Class B RV
Class A RV

Class B RVs are remotely similar to Class A RVs in two respects: (1) both are designed to fit within the physical constraints of the chassis they utilize, and (2) both tend to be more expensive than similarly-featured Class C RVs. However, there are also significant differences between the two. Class A RVs are built on a full-size bus chassis, so they are huge – often exceeding 40 feet in length – making them much more difficult to drive and park. Camping in a Class A RV requires advance planning to determine if there is space to park at your destination and at each stop along the way. Most State and National parks have 30-foot length limits that essentially prohibit Class A RVs from entering and parking.

By comparison, Class B RVs are typically around 20 feet in length, so driving one is very much like driving a car … there is no need to pre-plan stops or destinations, and you can stay in any State or National park. Class B RVs are also much more fuel-efficient, achieving 16-22 miles per gallon compared to just 7-13 miles per gallon for Class A RVs. The fact that Class B RVs are so easy to drive and park, while achieving excellent fuel economy, makes Class B RV rentals a much better choice for road trips, weekend getaways, and cross-country vacations.

Are Class B RVs the best RV Rental?

Most people consider Class B RVs the best RV rental choice because Class B RVs are easy to drive and operate, are fuel-efficient, include all of the amenities for a no-compromise, luxurious camping or glamping experience, provide off-grid capability, and allow passengers to travel in the style and comfort of a high-end luxury vehicle like the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter that offers a host of advanced features such as voice-activated navigation, Bluetooth, lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto.

Considering the exceptional car-like driving characteristics and high-quality amenities offered by Class B RVs, a Class B RV is the best RV Rental choice for your next camping or glamping trip, vacation, or road trip adventure.

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